Restoring a Truck to “Like-New” Condition

The front of this commercial truck needed a lot of work. We restored it to a "like-new" condition, including a new paint job. Take a look!

Refurbishing a Miller High Life Cooler

This Miller High Life cooler had definitely seen better days before it was brought into our shop. We love a challenge, and were able to restore it to a like-new condition!

Repairing a Dented Right Rear Bumper

This white Toyota 4Runner came to us with a dent in its right rear bumper. We were able to remove the dent without going through the owner's insurance company. Click below to enlarge.

When Auto Repairs Hit Close to Home

My own household isn't immune from needing MicroBlend's services from time to time! Below are "Before & After" images of my wife's Toyota Camry, which had a dent and scratch on the front bumper from snowbank damage. We brought the vehicle to the shop and fixed it up as good as new! Click on each image to enlarge.