Retro 1950s Kitchen

A customer had some old cabinets from the 1950s that were originally white. He was installing a retro 1950s kitchen, and came to us for help. We repainted the cabinets a soft yellow color, and polished them up till they glistened! Click on each image to enlarge.

Antique 7-Up Cooler Restoration

We do a lot of Coca Cola cooler restorations, but take a look at this antique 7-Up cooler restoration project we recently did as well! Click on each image to enlarge.

Returning Uncle Billy’s Antique Bike to Him

At the end of May, we blogged about our secret antique bike restoration project for my Uncle Billy. Back when he was 11 years old, Uncle Billy bought a 1971 Columbia with money he had made from blueberry picking up in Maine. It has been stored in a back corner of my grandfather's barn all these years, all but forgotten. During my last visit, I brought the bike home with me so I could restore it and surprise my uncle. We finished the restoration this spring, and I just brought the bike back up to Maine to give it back [...]

Restoration of Antique Coca Cola Cooler in Duxbury

We recently restored this antique Coca Cola cooler for a family from Duxbury. When their grandfather was a kid, he would bring this cooler to Duxbury Beach. Wanting to keep the family tradition going, they asked us to get it back to tip-top condition. As you can see, we did! Click individual photos below to enlarge.