Pre-Sale Car Inspections2017-09-01T14:04:50-04:00

Thinking of buying a used car? STOP!!!

We now offer third-party pre-sale car inspections.
Don’t get ripped off by a dealership or former owner!

There’s no real lemon law when it comes to buying used from a dealer, and not everyone does their homework or sees the big picture. Your only protection is getting a third-party inspection from an unbiased and knowledgeable source who will tell you what’s already been done on the car and what will need to be done in the future. Similar to a house inspection, this is your chance to find out what might be wrong BEFORE you buy it!

Here are some of the steps we take when inspecting your car:

* Do an exterior inspection of paint, bodywork, headlights, tires, windshields, etc.
* Put our repair plate on so we can test drive.
* Drive the car over 65 mph on the highway to check for shimmies.

We are willing to inspect vehicles for those who want to sell, as well as those buying a car off of Craig’s List or elsewhere besides a dealership. You can either bring the vehicle to us, or we can go on site to where the car is.

You will receive a printout of your results post-inspection, which you can use to negotiate with a dealership or other seller.

Call us for a free quote today!

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