When Auto Repairs Hit Close to Home

My own household isn't immune from needing MicroBlend's services from time to time! Below are "Before & After" images of my wife's Toyota Camry, which had a dent and scratch on the front bumper from snowbank damage. We brought the vehicle to the shop and fixed it up as good as new! Click on each image to enlarge.

Plymouth Police Officer Gregg Maloney Honored with Motorcycle Gasoline Tank Memorial

Plymouth Police Officer Gregg Maloney died of a motorcycle accident on Samoset Street while on duty on April 1, 2014. He was honored this spring when his department asked us to paint a motorcycle gasoline tank in his memory. We painted the tank with the department’s colors and included the winged emblem of the motorcycle squad, as well as Maloney’s end-of-watch date. After we completed the project, the tank was on display in the department's roll call room so that friends and fellow officers could put notes to Maloney inside. The tank was then sealed and brought to Washington, D.C. this [...]

Retro 1950s Kitchen

A customer had some old cabinets from the 1950s that were originally white. He was installing a retro 1950s kitchen, and came to us for help. We repainted the cabinets a soft yellow color, and polished them up till they glistened! Click on each image to enlarge.