Restoration of Antique Coca Cola Cooler in Duxbury

We recently restored this antique Coca Cola cooler for a family from Duxbury. When their grandfather was a kid, he would bring this cooler to Duxbury Beach. Wanting to keep the family tradition going, they asked us to get it back to tip-top condition. As you can see, we did! Click individual photos below to enlarge.

Waited 15 Years to Finish 10 Hours of Work (Before Finding MicroBlend)

This Coca Cola cooler has an interesting story. A guy showed up at our shop one day with a completely stripped cooler (as seen below). Apparently his grandfather had owned it while the man was growing up. Realizing it was in need of a makeover, the grandfather had brought the cooler to a body shop, where it had sat in a corner forĀ 15 years. After the grandfather had passed away in his 90s, his grandson had asked the body shop owner to finish the cooler so he could bring it home in his grandfather's honor. Three years went by -- [...]

“Fantastic Restoration of My Grandfather’s 1940’s Coca Cola Cooler”

Before We recently restored a beautiful antique Coca Cola cooler brought in by a woman who asked us to make a 1940's family heirloom look as good as new. We were happy to do so! Here's her testimonial: "Dennis and his team at Microblend were amazing from the moment I contacted them until the day I left. I looked for over a year for someone to restore my father's 1940's Coca Cola cooler that had been in his father's store, where he worked as a boy. Dennis, Mike and his entire crew worked diligently and professionally to make [...]

Old-School Scooter Restoration

Before Better Times Emporium, a store in Village Landing on Plymouth's waterfront specializing in vintage items from the 1940s-1950s, recently brought me an antique scooter badly in need of restoration. We looked into what the original color scheme was, then sanded it down, primed, and painted it a red color similar to what it was when new. The final product was beautiful! Before After After