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Our History2017-06-15T10:11:24-04:00
Back in our early days of working with residential customers (1997), I (Dennis) operated out of a van that I drove on site. I had all the equipment that I needed in the back.

Many people had made me aware of the demand for affordable dent and scratch repair, and I was able to deliver inexpensive, top-quality products and services.

Plymouth MA auto body repairs
Plymouth auto body repairs
Because I didn’t have a garage and I worked outside at the customer’s home or business, I was at the mercy of the elements. To protect myself from rain, snow, heat, and wind, I brought this attachable shelter with me when I went on site. I was able to move the vehicle on which I was working beneath the covering.

This kept projects moving right along, regardless of the weather!

Our green van promised “on-site, same-day service”. Back then, we specialized in:

  • Micro patch repairs
  • Scuffed bumpers
  • Key scratches
  • Stone chips
  • Door dings
  • Rust spots

We still deliver all these services today, but have added on additional services as well!

Plymouth MA auto body repairs