Repairing a Dented Right Rear Bumper

This white Toyota 4Runner came to us with a dent in its right rear bumper. We were able to remove the dent without going through the owner's insurance company. Click below to enlarge.

A New Change in MA Inspection Requirements Means No More Rust

In October 2017, a big change to the way state car inspections are performed took effect when the Commonwealth adopted a new vendor for inspection sticker processing. If you haven't had your car inspected yet since then, you may not know what you're in for. The biggest change is that the inspectors themselves will now have more accountability. The Massachusetts Vehicle Check program will now be more high-tech, with real-time compliance monitoring through five surveillance cameras that must be installed throughout the service bays. Additionally, optional wireless emissions tests are now available, as is a camera for the now-required snapshot [...]

Peeling Paint on a Newly Purchased Used Car

Since 1997, I (Dennis) have been working with local dealerships to inspect vehicles before they were sold. Recently, however, many dealerships pushed me out of the business by hiring cheap, inexperienced labor instead. This decision, and their purchase of cheap replacement parts, had to do with wanting to avoid accountability in order to save money. Unfortunately, I've heard all kinds of stories about dealerships ripping people off! I know this for a fact, because I’ve done bodywork on brand new cars and found out later that the dealer never told the buyer the work had been done. In some cases, [...]

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Full Paint Job on a Mercedes Benz

This was an older Mercedes Benz 500 SL that needed a full paint job. It was showing the typical scratches that would appear on a vehicle of this age. The owner wanted to bring back its original luster. Take a look below and see what you think. Did we bring back its old glory?! Click on each image to enlarge.

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Nantucket Land Rover Refurbished

The owner of this Nantucket Land Rover was from Nantucket. He wanted us to do some bodywork and change the color from a dull brown to an attractive blue. Take a look at the Before and After photos below! Click on each image to enlarge.

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